Bard College’s orchestra to give free concert in Brooklyn


“TŌN is unique not only in its makeup of musicians, grad students from around the country and abroad, but in its approach to engage its audience and re-imagine the traditional ways in which classical music is performed and heard.

‘The best way to bring new listeners in is to show them that the orchestra is made of people just like them, who can communicate their own love and enthusiasm for music,’ Leon Botstein, famed conductor and president of Bard College, told amNewYork. “They are going out into the community and designing their own programs to introduce and involve people of their own generation and the next.”

Alongside its “Around Town” series — its final concert will take place in Queens next month — the orchestra has put on innovative performances around the city. At TŌN’s Carnegie Hall debut in January, Botstein gave spirited introductions to each part of the orchestra’s program; detailing its history with a levity that humanized big names like Beethoven and Cherubini and brought them into a 21st century context.” – Keira Alexander

Photo by Jito Lee