Music Choices Most Eclectic

The New York Times

“Perhaps only a figure with repertoire tastes as idiosyncratically intellectual as the conductor and Bard College president Leon Botstein would found a new ensemble called The Orchestra Now and perform such rarely heard composers as Frank Martin and Anton Rubinstein. Under the direction of Mr. Botstein and his expansive musical palate, the programming of this new orchestra echoes that of the storied American Symphony Orchestra but is populated with a young group of students who attend Bard and play regularly in New York City.

Now in its third season, The Orchestra Now will perform an intriguing program at Carnegie on Thursday that includes Bartók’s classic “Concerto for Two Pianos, Percussion, and Orchestra” with soloists Anna Polonsky and Peter Serkin, but also two substantive curiosities: the Turkish composer Ahmed Adnan Saygun’s snarling Fourth Symphony, and László Lajtha’s Symphony No. 7, a colorfully stirring commemoration of the suppressed 1956 Hungarian Revolution.” —William Robin

Photo by David DeNee