Dávid A. Nagy


Hometown: Debrecen, Hungary
Alma maters: Bard College, The Juilliard School
Awards/Competitions: Kodály Award; Winner, 2005 & 2007 Hungarian National Bassoon Competition; Winner, 2012 Bard Conservatory Concerto Competition
Appearances: Bard Music Festival; BlackCreek Summer Music Festival, Canada; Castleton Festival Orchestra; Kodály World Youth Orchestra, Hungary; Contemporaneous and Excepted, Core Member; The Resonant Grounds Initiative, Member and Director
Instagram: @davidbassoon
Twitter: @davidbassoon
Musical origins: I began playing bassoon at the age of 14 because I hated playing the trombone.
Favorite obscure piece:
Liszt’s trio arrangement of his own Vallée d’Obermann
Favorite composer fact:
After Erik Satie died, they found a couple of pianos stacked on top of each other in his apartment. Also, that Stravinsky composed using an upright piano that was wrapped in thick blankets to keep the overtones from being audible.
Which composer would have had the best Twitter account:
Stravinsky or Beethoven
Favorite fact about your instrument:
It has the largest range of any woodwind instrument and some composers stretch it even beyond that.
Favorite non-classical band:
Best song to play on repeat: Anything sung by Jessye Norman
Last book read: Speak, Memory by Vladimir Nabokov (for the fifth time…)
Favorite painting: American Gothic – Grant Wood
Time travel destination: 1920s Paris