Erin David


Hometown: Miami, FL
Alma mater: Lynn University
Musical origins: My mother read a book by Shinichi Suzuki when my brother and I were little and was inspired to buy us tiny violins. We fought her at first but eventually I relented. My brother and sister did not. They are happily studying science.
Favorite piece to play: Beethoven’s Fifth!
Favorite obscure piece: Brelioz’s Les nuits d’été
Favorite composer fact: Erik Satie said, “My only nourishment consists of food that is white: eggs, sugar, shredded bones, the fat of dead animals, veal, salt, coconuts, chicken cooked in white water, moldy fruit, rice, turnips, sausages in camphor, pastry, cheese (white varieties), cotton salad, and certain kinds of fish (without their skins).”
The thing most people don’t know about classical music is: It’s the best.
Favorite non-classical band: The Shins and Maggi, Pierce, and E.J.
Musical guilty pleasure: Nickel Creek
Best music to have on repeat: Philip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach
What recording would you take to a deserted island: David Oistrakh’s recording of the Sibelius Violin Concerto
Favorite non-musical activity: Eating
Last book read: Unfortunately, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Piece of advice for a young classical musician: Listen to the greats play!
Time travel destination: Maybe 3000; sometime far in the future