Glass on Bowie

Sat, Apr 1, 2017, 8 PM

at The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College, Concert Hall
in Purchase, NY

  • Works by Philip Glass, Herrmann, and Harris
  • TŌN performs a prelude and two symphonies, one based on the David Bowie album Low
  • Conducted by James Bagwell; “a distinguished conductor” –The New York Times

The Music

Herrmann: Prelude from North by Northwest
Sharp with a sense of danger. One of the finest scores Herrmann ever composed for an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Harris: Symphony No. 3
Rustic and fierce. In writing this piece Harris helped define the voice of the American composer.

Philip Glass: Symphony No. 1, Low
Roaming and wondrous. Glass based this symphony on David Bowie’s album Low.

The Artists

JAMES BAGWELL, conductor