Jinn Shin


Hometown: Portland, OR
Alma maters: Eastman School of Music: BM Cello Performance, Minor in Arts Leadership; University of Rochester: BA in Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Awards/competitios: Pi Kappa Lambda; Phi Beta Kappa; 2012 TSAI Orchestral String Mentor-Fellowship, Aspen Music Festival; 2015 Celentano Award for Excellence in Chamber Music, Eastman School of Music
Appearances: Aspen Music Festival, 2012; New Mexico Chamber Music Festival, 2013/2014; Madeline Island Music Camp, 2014; Eugene Symphony Orchestra, 2015-2016
Musical origins: When I realized that piano was not the instrument for me at age 10, I knew I wanted to pick up a string instrument. My mom suggested cello because she thought cello is the closest sounding instrument to the human voice.
Favorite piece to play: Any of Brahms’ chamber works
Favorite obscure piece: Barber’s Essays for Orchestra
Favorite composer fact: Johann Sebastian Bach would drink up to 30 cups of coffee a day, an addiction that inspired him to write The Coffee Cantata.
Favorite musical memory: Playing Popper’s Requiem arranged for 6 cellos with the cellists from my graduating class at Eastman
Which composer would have had the best social media: Prokofiev
Favorite non-classical band: Beirut
Musical guilty pleasure: White noise. I guess it’s more of an “auditory” guilty pleasure since white noise isn’t very musical. It’s the best for studying or sleeping!
Best music to have on repeat: Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor”
Proudest accomplishment: Being able to parallel park
Favorite non-musical hobby or activity: Hiking and eating!
Last book read: The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey
Piece of advice for a young classical musician: First and foremost, take care of your body! Secondly, practicing should consist of more thinking than playing.