Kelly Mozeik


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Alma maters: Cleveland Institute of Music, BM; Rice University, Shepherd School of Music, MM
Appearances: Houston Grand Opera (sub), 2015; Louisiana Philharmonic (sub), New Orleans, 2015; New World Symphony (sub), Miami, 2014-present; Corpus Christi Symphony (sub), TX, 2014-15; Woodlands Symphony, Houston, Principal Oboe, 2014-15; Cypress Symphony, Houston, Principal Oboe, 2014; Texas Music Festival, 2013, 2012; Masterworks Festival, Indiana, 2011
Musical origins: I started on piano at age 5 and took up violin in third grade. I didn’t want to be in band and I thought it was for the “uncool” kids. I later found out that my best friend was joining so I’m thinking “Why not?” I wanted to play the saxophone, but my mother refused. She said I needed to pick an instrument not many people play like the oboe. So again I thought “Why not?” and here I am 15 years later making a living out of it. Thanks, Mom!
How did you hear about TŌN? I read about it online. I thought it would be a wonderful program to continue my studies as an oboe player while getting the “hands on” training of being a musician.
Favorite pieces to play: Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 and Brahms’ Symphony No. 3
Favorite obscure piece: Phillip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach
Favorite composer fact: Beethoven became deaf but was still able to compose and write wonderful music. It just shows that we have no excuse!
Favorite musical memory: Playing in Heinz Hall with the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony for the first time. I played principal on Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony and it was my first time performing a full symphony. It was frightening but it was that moment that I realized that I was meant to perform.
Which composer would have had the best social media: Mozart
The thing most people don’t know about classical music is: The emotional rollercoaster ride one can experience when listening to classical music and how much it can impact our everyday life and mood
Favorite non-classical band: Dave Matthews Band
Musical guilty pleasure: I love John Williams. I blast Star Wars in the car with the windows down and I think people look at me funny.
What recording would you take to a deserted island: Mahler’s Symphony No. 2
Proudest accomplishment: Getting into this program of course! It takes me one step closer to accomplishing my dream.
Favorite non-musical hobby or activity: I teach Zumba and I also love playing Bingo!
Last book read: The Harry Potter series
Favorite painting: Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night
Piece of advice for a young classical musician: Enjoy the ride.
Time travel destination: Back to the Future