Zachary Boeding


Hometown: Platte City, Missouri
Alma maters: Temple University, New England Conservatory, McGill University
Appearances: Tanglewood Music Center, National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Institute
Instagram: @zachboed
Favorite piece to play: Anything Haydn; his music is cheeky and ridiculous, and I cannot get enough of it!
Which composer would have had the best Twitter account: Tchaikovsky
Favorite non-classical musician: Stromae!
Musical guilty pleasure: Doo-wop and Bette Midler
Last book read: La langue et le nombril: Histoire d’une obsession quebecoise and To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite painting: Olive Trees by van Gogh
Time travel destination: 1750s/60s Nouvelle France – during the Expulsion of the Acadians. The Quebecois and Acadian cultures fascinate me, so going back during this time of such great turmoil would be fascinating from a sociopolitical standpoint.